Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Morning, Dave

So I have been asleep for the past ten years. I walked through my masters degree program just jumping through the hoops to get the celebrated wall-mounted piece of paper. I have no idea who signed it and I can't even remember what my motivation was to do it. It was supposed to pique my interest because it had to do with technology and education. An extension to my Bachelors.... right??? All the bases covered to turn me into a life long learner.

I think it was the beginning of my ten year nap.

I have the piece of paper that says I am supposedly smarter, sharper, more mentally aware and more mature but I know the real story. I did it because it was the right thing to do, not because I really wanted to get engaged and learn.

A series of decisions in the last few years has caused me to wake up and take notice of my own mental aptitude.

  • I can synthesis other peoples ideas
  • I know a little something about technology
  • I have some of my own ideas about technology
  • I can help teachers start to feel comfortable with technology
  • I can have a conversation and sound intelligent
  • I realize that what I have to offer is important for now and the future

These confessions are based upon two events in my recent life:

  • I started to read books for enjoyment again.
  • I started to believe that I had something to offer.

Neither of which was indicative of my life when I was working on my Masters. So....

Here is where I awake from my intellectual nap. Wish me luck....